Friday, September 10, 2010


Think back to when you were around three years old. What was the easiest thing for you to draw? Simple shapes, such as circles, squares, and lines. Now think about the easiest way to portray a person using nothing but those shapes. Of course, stickmen! Stickmen are by far one of the most expressive and easiest ways of portraying a human character. Even cavemen of the past drew them on the walls as a simple way to tell a story about their success with hunting or a family timeline. Nowadays the stickman is obviously used for humor, no doubt about that.

Take a look at LOL Comics for instance. It uses nothing but simple drawings and stickmen to achieve some of the most sidehurting humor I've ever read. Next to that you have XKCD which doesn't even show facial expressions yet you still understand exactly what emotion is being portrayed within the joke.

When I was little I made pictures using the same sort of simplified expression through body language with jots and tiddles. They were mostly of amusement parks as I had mentioned in an earlier post. I wanted to show what those pictures looked like, but I can't seem to find my old artwork anywhere at the moment, so here's a poor example of what it would look like.
Also around that time I made flipbooks with stickmen as well. There is nothing easier than animating a stickman, seriously. Unless you can't draw a stickman without a ruler there's no reason you can't make stickmen cartoons.
It's so simple to draw them you could turn it into a stress reliever.
Heck, just go bonkers if you'd like.
Just don't wear yourself out.

Ending notes: For those who want to try making these I use Easy Toon which you can acquire here.

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