Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dumb Moments

So during my first conversation with a girl I know she told me she smelled something like her computer burning and asked me to wait for her to check what was wrong. She came back and told me she had a blonde moment even though she isn't blonde and the smell was actually a skunk outside her window. Ah, the wonders of living out in the country.

I've had a few stupid moments like this before. Granted they weren't smell related and I didn't get down close to a computer to sniff it, but they were rather dumb. Probably one of the funniest was when I couldn't figure out why my car wouldn't drive while I was in it until my little sister pointed out I hadn't even started it yet. Or worse yet when you end up running around all over in search of some item to find out you had been holding it the entire time - everyone seems guilty of that at least once.

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