Monday, September 20, 2010


Food mascots are always on drugs if you think about it. Just watch the Trix rabbit as he pursues the color and fruit flavored laced cereal as if it his sole purpose for living. Sonny for Cocoa Puffs is just as bad if not worse. He doesn't have to fight to get his fix, but whenever he tries to stay away from his addiction he's reminded of it and goes mad from it. Toucan Sam is nearly as bad since he's always following his nose trying to seek out the fruity... oh, I'm sorry,  frooty cereal he desires. Tony doesn't do drugs, but I always envisioned him as being a juicer for some reason. And as for Chester, maaaaaaan, there's something in those cheese puffs that make them addictive. Anybody could get fat on those.

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