Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Illustration Friday - Swell

   Little Betty longed to see the towns and cities she heard so much about. Sadly, she lived out in the country with no way of transporting herself to where she desired. One day some relatives from the city came for a visit and brought various gifts along with them to share with Little Betty. They told her about the splendors in the city and showed her pictures of where they lived. Little Betty wished to see it in person one day.

  After her relatives left Little Betty looked over her gifts they had left with her. One of them was a package of bubblegum that touted about the amazingly large bubbles you could blow with their gum. That's when Little Debby had a striking idea. "I could fly to the city with this gum!", she told herself.

  The next day Little Betty pulled out her package of gum to start her adventure. She chewed a few pieces till they were out of flavor. Then she added some more to her mouth and kept chewing until she had a large enough wad of gum to create a massive bubble. Once Little Betty mustered up the courage and strength to begin her journey she began to blow her bubble. It first started out small and slowly began to swell in size. As she kept blowing she found that her feet were beginning to lift up from the ground. Eventually her feet left the ground completely and a gust of wind pushed her up and away. Thus started the bubblegum adventure of Little Betty.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Illustration Friday - Imperfect

My sister has really crazy, frizzy hair when light hits it.

Done with colored pencils
Portraits are really difficult for me to draw when using colored pencils, yet they create the softest values which makes me want to use them every time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Illustration Friday - Obsession

I don't have a problem! I. . . I. . . I just like to draw!
I don't often use watercolors so I'm really poor with them. The more practice with them the more accustomed with them I'll become I suppose.

I recently started a second blog for comics I've drawn. The ones I'm posting now have to deal with my last job and all the experiences I acquired from it.