Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Videogames are like Drugs?

My mom likes to play Dr. Mario on her laptop. But because the screen is small and many times she's not wearing her contacts or glasses she'll hunch over it and look like some drug addict trying to find his line of cocaine in a dimly lit room.
 I have the original OLD Nintendo system and game on the larger TV in the living room if she wanted to play it more easily, but instead she just hunches over her laptop playing the pill game looking like some addict getting his fix. I'm equally just as bad I must admit though. If there's a Tetris game around, my mind will tell me it wants to have a whirl at it. It's even been proven that Tetris has interesting effects on the mind the longer you play it.

If I can't have my Tetris fix I'll try other games to appease my addiction, but in some cases overdosing has occurred...
I'm suffering from cold sweats so it's time to end this. WHERE'S MY TETRIS?

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